Why More Young People Are RVing than Ever

April 12, 2018

Why More Young People Are RVing than Ever

The evidence is undeniable. Younger people are drawn to RVing today.

  • According to a 2016 Nielsen study performed for Go RVing, in a single year, from 2015 to 2016, the average age of RV owners dropped from 48 to 45. Other studies show similar trends in average buyer age.
  • According to AAA, 44 percent of millennials are planning a family getaway this year, more than Gen Xers or Baby Boomers.
  • According to a Kampgrounds of America (KOA) study, Millennials made up 31 percent of the population, but 38 percent of active camper households in 2017. Fifty-one percent said they planned to camp more that year than before. The same KOA study found that 71 percent of teen campers would still want to go camping without access to technology.
  • We could go on and on…

But what’s driving this? We’ve got some ideas.

On-the-road performance – Teardrop-style trailers like the Hummingbird are not only relatively easy on the budget, they can be towed by your everyday SUV or minivan—no big pickup needed.* Construction methods, like vacuum bonding, allow for added strength without added weight. On the motorized side, ride and handling innovations, like JRide®, and the fairly stable fuel prices of late attract curious adventurers.

*It is important for your safety and enjoyment that your tow vehicle be adequately sized and equipped to tow and handle the GVWR of the RV you select. Review weights and rating of your tow vehicle and consult a competent advisor for questions or advice.

Excitement – Amusement parks, races, festivals of all kinds, sporting events big and small, air shows—just to name a few—they all cater to RVers. Whether staying for a few days or firing up a killer tailgate with the help of an outdoor kitchen and TV, it’s an experience only RVing can offer.

Screen fatigue – Sure, most all of our RVs are equipped with high-definition TVs and USB ports, but it’s a whole lot easier to set the phone down or close the laptop when there’s a lake a short walk away, birds chirping, warm breezes and other friendly folks all around.

The health benefits – Home-cooked meals, hiking, cycling, rowing, sunshine, paddle boarding, swimming, fresh air—all good for you, and all easy to find with an RV. There’s plenty more where that list came from and innovative RV storage areas make bringing all the gear—even if it’s really big—easier than ever.

“I’ll be WFTR.” (working from the road) – While RVing can be a chance to disconnect, it’s also never been easier to work from the road. Connectivity is more accessible and affordable than ever. Working from home is cool, but working from the road is even cooler and morwidely accepted by employers than ever.

Early-onset wanderlust – Instead of waiting until they retire and have more time, more and more people are choosing to wander while they’re younger, able and willing to do things that may not be an option later in life when the kids and grandkids arrive.    

The culture – You’d be hard pressed to find a friendlier group of people. Forgot your screwdriver? Go ahead, ask your campground neighbor, but fair warning, that simple gesture could easily lead to travel stories and laughter around the fire late into the evening. Don’t believe us? Come see us at an event. Heck, you’ll probably even end up making a new friend or two there, too!

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