Toy Hauler Owners Enjoy Flexibility to Explore New Lifestyles

August 9, 2017

Toy Hauler Owners Enjoy Flexibility to Explore New Lifestyles


Toy hauler RVs bear the name for good reason: their built-in garage areas allow outdoor enthusiasts the ability to take their favorite toys to camp. Kayakers, ATVers, dirt bikers, surfers, snowmobilers and all kinds of adventurers love having a comfortable living space and large cargo area all in one vehicle.

In recent years, however, the appeal of these versatile trailers has expanded well beyond the world of hauling toys. From professionals to hobbyists, travelers of all kinds are finding toy haulers to be the ideal mix of form and function. Here are just a few of the most interesting examples of folks that are infusing the joy of RVing into their work or passionate pursuits:

Flea marketers – Whether for the wares they sell or treasures discovered venturing from market to market, a toy hauler’s garage area is ideal for flea market aficianados, no matter what side of the aisle they find themselves on - shopping or selling.

Sales people – For those whose jobs entail traveling to events or directly to customers with an inventory of product or a mobile demonstration, the flexible space of a toy hauler and the option to forgo expensive hotel stays is the perfect combo.

Musicians – There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of a great musical performance. Especially for a multi-piece band, a big part of a gig is loading gear in and out of the venue. The garage space and rear door that doubles as a ramp make handling drums, lighting or boxes of merchandise a breeze.

Collectors – For many dedicated collectors, much of the fun is in the hunt, chasing down one-of-a-kind items. Searching far and wide for that craved piece of antique furniture or rare artwork is both comfortable and convenient with a toy hauler. With mobility like this, fellow collectors won’t be able to keep up.

Craftsmen – Woodworkers, sign makers, furniture builders, jewelers and other skilled craftsmen can easily convert the garage area into a workshop. No more returning to home base to resupply or find another tool. Travel to customers and events and crank out new work along the way.

Telecommuters – If you’re part of the growing portion of the modern workforce that works remotely, why not take to the road? Advances in mobile technology and connectivity make converting the garage area to a private office space a great option for those looking to maximize the fun in between emails and conference calls.

Event volunteering – Some folks love traveling from place to place volunteering at sporting events, music festivals, parades, carnivals, etc. They yearn to meet new people and have new experiences. Whether it’s the extra storage that’s oh-so valuable for toting equipment on extended road trips or collecting keepsakes from different stops, toy haulers fit the bill.

Jayco offers four different toy hauler product lines, with more than 20 floorplans in total. No matter how you plan to put one of these versatile trailers to use, you’re sure to find a Jayco that’s up to the task.


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