Top Reasons to Upgrade Your RV and How to Do Each

July 12, 2021

Top Reasons to Upgrade Your RV and How to Do Each

Most RVers don’t buy an RV and keep it forever. Whatever the reason, from downsizing to modernizing, RVers tend to own more than one RV in their lifetime. Over time, they start to understand better and better what works best for them or their travel preferences evolve. Here we’ll look at a few of the common reasons for buying a different RV and the variety of upgrades available.

Switching Between Towable and Motorized

It’s not all that uncommon for an RVer to make the switch from a trailer to a motorhome and vice versa. Both provide distinct driving experiences. Motorhomes make it easy to get up and go and trailers offer lots of livable space and versatile floorplan options. If you’re making the shift, the first thing you’ll want to understand is the different weights, capacities and terminology. It will clarify what your vehicle can tow, storage options and how much you can bring with you.

Switching Between Diesel and Gas

The fuel efficiency is basically a wash—diesel fuel usually costs a little more but gets better mileage to the gallon. Diesel-powered coaches will cost you a little more up front but deliver added torque and power for mountain driving or towing. Gas motorhomes require more frequent care, but it’s often easier than finding service for diesel motors.

An Improved Driving Experience

First and foremost, always take a test drive. They can reveal a lot about what a motorhome will be like to drive, especially if you know what bothers you and what you enjoy about being behind the wheel. If you have a motorhome, but want a more comfortable ride, pay close attention to the chassis and its equipment. All of our motorhomes, for instance, include a version of our exclusive JRide® package. Its features include shock absorbers, helper springs, isolation mounts, jounce bumpers and stabilizer bars, to name a few. These kinds of features stabilize the drive and absorb road shock before it makes its way into the motorhome giving you a smoother driving experience.

There’s More Gear to Bring

If everyone’s comfortable but you have to leave more behind than you’d prefer, the ultimate answer is a toy hauler. These have versatile rear garage areas that can be used for loading all kinds of gear or big toys like ATVs, kayaks, paddle boards or bikes. They are a must for the action-sport and outdoor enthusiasts. If a garage is too much extra space, consider Class C motorhomes with their bonus over-cab space, pass through exterior storage or a unit that allows you to tow a trailer.

Looking For a More Home-Like Feel

RV interiors have come a long way. We’ve changed our whole approach, from thinking of it as décor to thinking of it as true interior design. Our lighter Modern Farmhouse blends the RV industry’s traditional style seamlessly with today’s interior home design trends. For instance, the rustic table idea was inspired by a nearby Indiana restaurant. Our seeded mason-jar light idea was found while watching HGTV’s Fixer Uppers. And the barn-board wood is everywhere in today’s new homes.

An easier cooking experience

When cooking over an open fire or in a cramped galley don’t live up to your expectations, there are a lot of ways RVers can elevate their campsite cooking experiences. Residential refrigerators, pantries, kitchen islands and other modern features all make whipping up the classics or local delicacies easier. If outdoor cooking still appeals to you, the patent pending JayPort™ is a great example of the kind of upgrades available now. Forget about hassling to set up a charcoal grill or spending a long time cleaning after cooking. Offered exclusively by Jayco, 17" single-zone and 22" dual-zone Blackstone® griddles (floorplan specific) easily connect to liquid propane with an LP quick connect. And the griddle’s mount means there is no need for a table or external gas bottle.

Working more from the road

More and more workers are doing their jobs remotely or living with more mobility in general. RVs are awesome for this. When concentration and quiet (and a professional-looking video background) are a must, consider if dinettes, foldout tables or bonus spaces will provide enough space and comfort for working. There are, in fact, floorplans with dedicated workspaces. Pro tip: working in the same spot you sleep is not great for focus or healthy sleep. Lighting and/or privacy can play a big role in a comfortable and productive workspace. Keep natural lighting, seclusion, power and connectivity all in mind as you shop. Are you looking to enhance part of your RV experience? Explore the legendary Jayco lineup to find everything from the 40-foot diesel pusher to micro trailers to satisfy whatever improvements you may be looking for.

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