Things You Can Maintain on Your RV Every Few Months

January 3, 2018

Things You Can Maintain on Your RV Every Few Months

While not necessary before each trip, these maintenance measures—suggested just once or twice a season—go a long, long way. Not only will they keep critical features and systems in working order, but they can also help protect trade-in or resale value and extend the life of your RV. Take a couple days each season to perform the following, or schedule them across the season, and you’ll reap major short- and long-term benefits.

  • While it’s recommended to visually check exterior seals regularly, a more thorough examination should be done every two or three months depending on use. Moisture is an RV’s nemesis and seals play a critical role in keeping water out. Roof seals are especially important to inspect since they can take a beating throughout a season. Read more about what to look for and how to maintain sealants here.
  • Even while stored, it helps to give your RV some TLC. Periodically inspect your RV for damage during storage. You’ll want to pay especially close attention to any potential entry points for rodents, birds or insects and ensure they are sealed. Small issues not discovered during long-term storage can become bigger ones.
  • If you winterize or store long term, a deep interior clean is likely already on your to-do list. It’s smart to perform a thorough cleaning once or twice a season. A little moisture here or there and the gummy bear that fell behind the couch can turn into bigger issues when not addressed. Use gentle cleaners and never anything flammable. If you aren’t sure how a material may react to a certain cleaner, test them on out-of-sight areas first. During your cleaning, keep a keen eye out for even the most minor water damage and address it quickly.
  • Just like cleaning the interior prevents small issues from becoming big ones, so does waxing the exterior. If you plan to do it yourself, clean the surfaces first and use a soft cloth to apply a non-abrasive wax. Don’t wax in direct sunlight and do it when surfaces are cool. You may find it easier to start on the roof and work your way down the sides of the RV.
  • Apply a gentle lubricant to areas where metal rubs on metal. Areas like the hitch, leveling jacks and entry steps will work better and be more resistant to rust.
  • As the season goes on, your RV’s load inevitably changes and shifts. To ensure you’re not overloading your running gear, it’s helpful to occasionally weigh your trip-ready RV. Each wheel should be weighed independently to more easily identify potential problem areas in your load. A simple internet search will help you find weigh stations. Many RV rallies and clubs offer opportunities to weigh your RV as well.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to perform any of these tasks more frequently, but once or twice a season will typically be enough. Reference your Jayco owner's manual for proper maintenance processes and procedures.

Check the Jayco Journal for more useful tips and RV stories.

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