Simple Camping Safety Tips

August 7, 2017

Simple Camping Safety Tips


Camping is a great way to spend time with family and friends, create unforgettable memories and enjoy the great outdoors all at the same time. We want to help you make the most out of your camping experience, whether you’re hiking your favorite trails or unwinding under the stars. Check out these tips for successful and safe RV camping experiences.

Build itineraries and share them

Before you leave for your trip, share a detailed copy of your itinerary with a family member or friend. If you’re not the type to plan your entire trip in advance, don’t sweat it. Just shoot a quick update to a family member or friend to let them know you are taking full advantage of your RV and being a little spontaneous. Once at camp, if you head out for the day, it doesn’t hurt to leave a copy of your daily plans in an envelope in your RV where friends, family or campground neighbors can easily locate it.

Keep an eye on the weather

Nature is often unpredictable, and when camping, it’s important to expect the unexpected. Each morning and evening before you turn in, make a point to do a quick check of the forecast. Apps like AccuWeather are easy to understand and feature local weather conditions, so you can plan your day’s activities accordingly.


Learn best practices of fire safety

It’s best to keep your fire small and avoid starting it with paper, as loose pieces can float away from your campsite and start fires if they land in dry areas. Instead, try using waterproof matches or fire starter squares to ignite a manageable flame. When you’re ready to call it a night, take the proper steps to extinguish the fire completely before you leave your campsite.

Invest in the small essentials

Small essentials can make a big difference on your camping trip. From treating scrapes on the spot to navigating a new hiking trail, these nifty gadgets and tools provide all sorts of cool ways to add some extra peace of mind to your outdoor excursions.

  • First aid kit: A waterproof first aid kit provides all the equipment you’ll need to treat small scrapes, cuts, and bruises on the spot.
  • Survival kit: A compact survival kit, containing helpful gear like a fire-starter, blanket, whistle, and compass can come in handy in a variety of camping scenarios.
  • Extra warmth: Super sturdy and insulative mylar blankets are a favorite among campers of all kinds, and can even double as rain shelters. If they work for NASA, they’ll surely work for the family camping crew.
  • Extra food: In addition to normal RV camping fare, it’s never a bad idea to bring quick, low-maintenance food supplies like freeze-dried meals.
  • Light sources: Quality hands-free headlamps, lanterns, and camping flashlights can help keep critters away and illuminate your path when you want to get around after sunset.
  • Navigation: In addition to a handheld hiking GPS, bring a compass and topographic map of your location along when you head out for an excursion, in case your GPS runs out of batteries or malfunctions.

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