RVing is the Most Flexible Form of Travel

May 11, 2024

RVing is the Most Flexible Form of Travel

After eight years of RVing and one recent epic trip, we are finally declaring it: RVing is the most flexible form of travel.

Our total eclipse trip was almost turned into a failed adventure in the spring. With advanced planning of over a year, we were camping to photograph and video the Great American Eclipse of 2024 from the perfect campsite. Alison and I had picked out an amazing spot at our favorite springtime lake lined with fields of Texas bluebonnets.

Since we were RVing a couple of hours south of our home in the Dallas area, our odds of having clear skies were pretty good for this time of the year. It was a good plan to camp in this part of Texas in April.

Fortune was not on our side.

We had an amazing Saturday enjoying the beautiful wildflowers and playing outside with our boys, but the weather had us concerned. Looking at the radar and future cloud cover, it showed we would miss seeing the eclipse under a thick layer of clouds. So, we used the biggest benefit of RVing with our small Jayco: flexibility.

After scouring the map for an opening far north of us with limited cloud cover, we found a potential open area in northern Arkansas. So, we packed up early Sunday and headed about eight hours north to a new campsite.

If you had been following the news around this time, it was almost impossible to find a place to stay along the path of the eclipse. This goes for both hotels and campgrounds because they were all booked. Fortunately, we were able to find a spot at a rural RV park in the northeastern part of Arkansas.

Would this have been possible as a hotel traveler? Absolutely not. When we checked, available hotels in the path were going for over seven hundred a night! Having an RV saved the day!


Let's look at why RVing can provide you with flexibility when traveling.

  1. More Camping Options
    • Like we just showed, an RV allows you a wide variety of places to stay. You can park at an RV resort, try a local or state campground, boondock in the wild, or even park at a farm. There are a ton of options to choose from when your homebase is mobile.

  2. Tailored to Your Lifestyle Needs
    • Maybe you have dietary restrictions or medical needs. An RV allows you to safely travel carrying whatever supplies are necessary for you while you are away from home. You don't have to worry about hotel housekeeping looking at your private medical business.

  3. Switching to an Interesting Location 
    • If you get bored with the incredible mountain view you've been enjoying for a few days, most of the time you can easily switch to a new location. Since the majority of your gear can be quickly and easily stowed, it's pretty simple to just get on the road and head to the beach, desert, or another great mountain location. We've done this on plenty of our trips when a preferred campsite has opened up or we discovered another cool spot to explore.

  4. Budget Flexibility 
    • With RVing, you can camp as cheaply as possible or as luxurious as you would like. We are more budget oriented, but if you enjoy resorts with waterparks, campgrounds with golf course amenities, or RV pads next to yachts, you have these options and many more to choose from. You can even buy and own an RV pad at some RV parks. The sky's the limit.

  5. City and Country Camping 
    • Do you love both city life and the laid-back country? RVing has you covered. We have discovered it's much more difficult to find tent camping options in cities, but with RVing, it isn't. Not only can you enjoy an open field to enjoy the stars out in nature, but you can also park in some of the largest US cities to do a little urban exploration.

  6.  Last Minute Plans
    • Sometimes you want to be spontaneous and get away for the weekend. There's no need to book a flight, a hotel, and rent a car. You simply pack some items in your RV and go. It's much simpler to find a place to park your Jayco than it is to plan a trip with lots of moving parts and reservations.

  7. Seasonal Flexibility 
    • Compared to tent camping, this one is no contest. We love that we are basically traveling with our climate controlled home away from home. This means we don't have to worry about freezing in the middle of the night in the winter or waking up to scorching desert summer temperatures like we used to when traveling with a tent. An RV allows us year-round comfort regardless of the season.


RVing has allowed us to travel the way we want when we want. You really can't beat this flexible form of vacationing!


Jason and Allison Takacs - The Takacs

The family of four Jason, Alison, Preston and Grayson are avid astronomy buffs. They enjoy gazing up at star-filled skies at incredible parks with the best star gazing sets. And by day, they transform into full throttle outdoor enthusiasts, passionate about hiking some of America's best trails. The Takacs family seeks out stunning scenes, interesting slot canyons, alpine lakes and every natural feature in-between. The Takacs started their journey as long-time tent campers, but began pursuing their dreams in true comfort in 2015 when they switched to RVing with Jayco, and they have never looked back!

Jayco Ambassador: Jayco Flight SLX

@alison.takacs on Instagram and @Jason.takacs on Instagram

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