Enjoy the UK in Your RV with Brit Stops

May 16, 2023

Enjoy the UK in Your RV with Brit Stops

Are you wanting a better way to see the United Kingdom? Looking to have the same RV experience in Ireland or England as you can in North America? Check out Harvest Hosts’ newest camping membership… Brit Stops!


What is Brit Stops?

Brit Stops is the Harvest Hosts of the United Kingdom. And now they are a part of the Harvest Hosts Family. Brit Stops is a network of farms, shops, pubs, vineyards, restaurants, and more all across the United Kingdom that invite RVers to stay overnight. And the best part is, your overnight stay is free from camping fees too!


Is Brit Stops the Best Way to See the Real United Kingdom?

If you and your family make your way to a new country, you’ll all want to see tons of things. Iconic bridges, significant buildings, and other historical and culturally important locations. However, the authenticity of a country, region, or city is found in the spots that the locals frequent. After all, the residents make the culture. Understanding what they like to do is how you can immerse yourself in their experience.


Similarly to Harvest Hosts, Brit Stops gives you access to all of these places. You’ll discover small businesses across the country that you’d otherwise drive right by without even knowing it. And ultimately, you’ll end up spending your time away from work going to whichever tourist attractions spent the most money on advertising. 


However, Brit Stops will help RVers experience the most local and authentic experiences possible in the United Kingdom. This will help give you a much greater appreciation for their culture, their people, and their way of life. You’ll enjoy your experience and go home with a deeper understanding of a new perspective on living. 


How Does Brit Stops Work?


With Brit Stops, you will purchase a book filled with 1,100+ unique locations. These locations invite RVers to stay overnight all over the United Kingdom and Ireland.


When you get the Brit Stops book, you’ll have the opportunity to gain unlimited overnight stays for a 12-month period, from March to March. You’ll need to contact the host and show proof of membership with your book upon arrival. 


The book is filled with different maps of regions throughout the United Kingdom to help you locate small businesses around your preferred destinations. And inside the book, there are different descriptions, amenities, and more to help you find the host that best meets your needs. For instance, there are icons to help disclose host features like potable water, dog-friendly locations, size restrictions, and more. 


Unlike Harvest Hosts, the Brit Stops app is limited. The Harvest Hosts team is working on building a more functional version of the app to help digitize Brit Stops. Stay tuned for updates!


How Do I Get Started With Brit Stops?

To get started, you will need to order the Brit Stops book. The cost of this book is about the same as one night at a typical campsite in the United Kingdom. This means you can buy this book and have unlimited overnight stays for the same cost as just one night’s stay at a campground. 


The money you’ll save by using Brit Stops will help you have a year's worth of adventures all over the UK. You can spend the savings on more fuel to see more of these beautiful countries. And the money you save can be spent at these small businesses to help them thrive in their passions. 


What Is Happening With The Harvest Hosts and Brit Stops Connection?

As of March 8, 2023, Brit Stops has become a part of the Harvest Hosts family. Brit Stops’ customers (also known as Britstoppers) will continue to get the same great host experience, can continue to use the active Facebook group, and continue to have that same adventurous feel through the freedom of using this membership. 


However, Britstoppers will now get some brand new added benefits too. With the Harvest Hosts partnership, you can expect a future app that will help you navigate the Brit Stops experience. This app will reflect the same top-notch, intuitive app features that Harvest Hosts Members have come to expect. 


In addition, Britstoppers can expect massive growth in the number of available hosts. Harvest Hosts is one of the fastest-growing businesses in North America, and has grown their number of host locations from 600 to over 8,000 locations. So it’s safe to say that you can expect an increase in Host locations with this new partnership. 

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