Tips for New RVers from 5 Jayco Families

March 6, 2019

Tips for New RVers from 5 Jayco Families

We’ve had the chance to work with so many great Jayco families here on the Jayco Journal. They’ve given us all a glimpse into their lives by sharing stories about their families and advice about RVing. We’d like to reintroduce you to five of them and share why they love RVing and some of their best advice for new RVers.

The Potters

family photo of mom, dad, daughter and son

Their tips for new RVers

  1. Find an empty parking lot and practice parking.
  2. Schedule your trips early (6-9 months in advance).
  3. Winterizing is not as hard as it sounds.
  4. Don’t be afraid to use the trailer brakes—especially in situations where the trailer weighs more than the tow vehicle.
  5. Have fun!

Why they RV

“Now that I have a family of my own, I wanted to start building memories for my kids. I tried a few tent camping trips…my wife did not have the best time. As it turns out, an RV was the best of both worlds for my family. I get the camping/gear/adventure experience – my wife gets the comforts of home.”

Why they chose their Jay Feather

“I knew the Jayco name, Jayco had all the features I needed/wanted in my weight requirement, and the price was right.”

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The Puglisis

family photo of mom, dad and three sons at the beachTheir tip for new RVers

“If you’re considering purchasing an RV and entering the lifestyle—just do it now. Don’t wait. We have received hundreds of emails from people who have purchased their first RV and so many of them wish they had done it sooner.”

Why they RV

“Time with your children passes quickly, and this is such an amazing way to build close relationships with them. Life is busy and can pull us in so many directions. RVing brings us back together again, making memories that we know will stay with our kids forever.”

Why they chose their Jayco

“When we first saw Jayco’s brand promise, ‘Generations of Family Fun’, it resonated with us on a very personal level. Neither of us grew up RVing, but over the last five years, camping trips have become part of the rhythm of our family life.”

The Brewers

family photo with parents and childrenTheir tip for new RVers

“It’s good to plan your ‘must-dos’, but leave space in the schedule in case of poor weather and the family’s mood—allowing for down time can be vital to enjoying that big adventure you’ve planned.”

Why they RV

“I always say that my favorite part of RVing is the flexibility and freedom. You’re on your own schedule, you can pull off anywhere to make lunch, take a nap, or go on a hike. You don’t have to look for recreation because it's right outside your doorstep, and you can bring all of the comforts of home on the road with you.”

Why they chose their Jay Flight

“We window-shopped for a long time, and what sold us on this model is the kids’ room. They have their own space to hang out and relax when they need it. There’s also plenty of room for living and storage, but it’s still small enough that we can get into our favorite state parks.”

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The Tantsits

family camping in their motorized rv Their tip for new RVers

“Don’t rush! Take it easy when traveling. It’s not a race.”

Why they RV

“Our favorite thing about RVing is that we get our kids out in nature, away from video games, and spend quality family time. We talk around the campfire and enjoy each other’s company. With life’s busy schedule, we all need to decompress and get away from the hectic life and just relax and spend quality time together.”

Why they chose their Greyhawk

“The quality vs. the price. We walked in several other models before settling on our Jayco and felt this was put together the best.”

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The Rewises

family camping in their camping trailerTheir tip for new RVers

“My advice to first-time buyers like us would be to take your time to do your research and ensure you’re getting the RV that makes sense for your family and situation. There are so many great options that work best for different instances, and the great thing about this is one of those options likely fits your situation and lifestyle perfectly!”

Why they RV

“Five months after making the purchase, our family agrees whole-heartedly on one point: Buying the RV has been the best decision we’ve ever made for our family. In this short time of ownership, we already have several trips and tons of lifelong family memories under our belts.”

Why they chose their Jayco camper

“I researched RV models for months before we made our purchase. I was always drawn to the Jayco brand because the quality and aesthetics seemed to simply be better than the competitors. Word-of-mouth by other owners seemed to repeatedly point to the fact that Jayco owners were consistently happy with their purchase.”

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