August 12, 2019


Imagine controlling elements of an RV from the palm of your hand. Jayco, Inc. is making that possible with the launch of JAYCOMMAND™, was introduced at our annual Dealer Homecoming meeting in Las Vegas. This technology allows the user to control different features of the coach remotely from their smartphone or tablet. 

With the all-new JAYCOMMAND™ Smart RV System, you can control and monitor your tank levels and some of the most important features and amenities of your RV from virtually anywhere and you can stay connected to the comforts of your Jayco unit, even when you’re far from it. Gear up for this “smarter” camping experience!

With JAYCOMMAND, you can control systems such as:

Air Conditioner

Now when you want to adjust the air conditioner or heat pump, you can do it from home, the trail, the RV or anywhere. Setting the perfect temperature for you and your family, friends and pets – before, during and after your adventures – has never been easier.

Multiple Light Zones

After a long day of hiking, turn on your interior and exterior lights from anywhere for a safe and reassuring return. If you’re far away and unsure whether you turned the lights off, a simple touch gives you peace of mind.


If an unexpected storm rolls in or the the wind picks up and you are inside your coach in the cozy confines of your bed – you can conveniently close the awning and protect your valuable property. Then, when it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors again, open the awning with your app.

Tank Monitoring

If you’re out boondocking, knowing how much stuff is in your holding tanks is extremely important. The longer you stay without hooking up to utilities, the more critical it is to know this information. When you are out of fresh water or your grey/black tank is full, you have to do something to change the situation, period. A full grey tank will back up and come out the lowest drain in the RV—almost always the shower drain. A full black tank will back up into the toilet. An empty fresh water tank is empty. With JAYCOMMAND, you’re worry free, as you can monitor all of your tanks from your phone.


Imagine backing your coach into your ideal camping spot and engaging the auto leveling system with your phone. That is just another option you will have with Jayco’s JAYCOMMAND.


With a touch, you can operate each of the slides of your coach individually. This is a convenient way to deploy your slides on the outside of your RV, after the leveling system has been engaged.  

Water Heater & Water Pump

Are you looking to take a nice hot shower when you return to the RV from your big adventure? Use JAYCOMMAND to turn on the hot water heater and water pump.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

Keep an eye on all tire levels, while on the road. Tire pressure is very important. If a tire has a low PSI, your tire could overheat and lead to a blowout. Keep your RV on the road, and you and your family safe, by monitoring your tire pressure at any time.

JAYCOMMAND is standard on a wide variety of Jayco models, beginning with model year 2020 and optional on several others. JAYCOMMAND is powered by LCI, BMPRO and Firefly, depending on the model. See below for a complete list of units featuring JAYCOMMAND, and visit Jayco.com for exact capabilities by product. 

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