Frequently Asked Questions: Convection Microwaves

December 19, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions: Convection Microwaves

Convection microwaves are available in the kitchens of several of our RVs. We get a lot of questions about these appliances, so we thought we’d answer some of the most common questions all in one place. As you’ll see, we choose to install this technology because it’s especially efficient and effective for RV travel.

Why are convection microwaves a good choice for RVs?

This form of convection cooking is especially convenient and saves space. Convection microwaves combine the speed of a microwave with the versatility and efficiency of convection cooking. You can typically use both cooking functions together or independently. This allows for roasting, toasting, browning, baking, broiling and steaming just like in your kitchen at home.

How does convection cooking work?

Unlike most traditional ovens that use a single, static radiant heat source to warm the space, convection cooking uses the combination of a fan and exhaust to circulate the hot air consistently throughout the oven.

Do convection appliances cook faster or slower? 

Faster. Blowing heat directly onto food is more effective than just surrounding it. The best example we’ve heard of how convection cooking works is to think of it like wind chill: no matter how cold the day, if there’s a breeze you feel colder faster.

Does convection cooking use more or less power?

Food cooks faster and at lower temperatures when compared to conventional ovens, making it more energy efficient—always a good thing when it comes to RV travel.

Does convection cooking work as well?

The results are generally better. The steady movement of heat over the surface of the food reacts quickly with the food’s chemicals and heats through more evenly. It also creates a less humid environment, which helps food brown and crisp better without burning or overheating the inside.

Which 2019 Jayco RVs offer convection cooking?

North Point
Octane Super Lite

Redhawk SE
Melbourne Prestige
Precept Prestige

Whether you’re using convection cooking in your Jayco RV or anywhere else, consult the manual that comes with your oven to learn about its unique features and capabilities. Convection cooking has great benefits for RVers. We hope this inspires you to take advantage.

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