How to Cold-Weather Camp With Jayco’s Climate Shield

November 30, 2020

How to Cold-Weather Camp With Jayco’s Climate Shield


It’s always true, but especially these days, travelers cherish their time on the road with friends and family. It has veteran RVers looking to extend their season—Just. One. More. Weekend.— and all kinds of other travelers looking to RVs as a safe, flexible year-round travel alternative.

Something we strive for, in both how we build our RVs and how we support owners, is to help people spend more time camping. For one, we offer the industry’s longest, most comprehensive warranty coverage, so travelers can get back on the road quickly should an issue arise.

We’ve also developed a weather protection system called Climate Shield. Standard on many of our trailers, the combined technology gives you the peace of mind to hit the road in cooler weather keep the trailer out of storage a little longer.

How, you ask? Not only do we keep you comfortable inside the coach, with extra wall and cap insulation, but we protect key systems, like plumbing and wiring, by adding heat and/or freeze-protection materials. We’ve proven these materials and techniques and materials work during extreme temperature testing with Dometic, experts in mobile living equipment.


cold weather camping with climate shield

Enjoy more time on the road, no matter the season!


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