How Many Types of Campers and RV's Are There?

August 12, 2022

How Many Types of Campers and RV's Are There?

How Many Types of Campers and RVs Are There?

Whether you’re new to recreational vehicles (RVs) or looking to upgrade your current model, it’s a good idea to know all the latest options. When browsing through RV types, you may have wondered while scrolling, “Are there six types of RVs…seven…nine…more? Which ones should I be looking at?”

Our team at Jayco is full of RV experts, and to aid your research, we put together this handy list of RVs we have found to be popular, from the most durable campers to the most spacious motorhome. We’ve also included a basic checklist of the needs each type meets. If you’re checking all the boxes under a certain type, that might be the right choice for you.


6 Types of RVs  and Campers

When purchasing an RV, you must consider the motorhome vs towable types. Motorhomes are drivable RVs, while other types require an additional vehicle to tow them. It is also important to know the answer to “How many classes of RV are there?” as motorhomes are divided into classes—three to be exact. Let’s explore the motorhome classes and towable types in the following list.

Class B Motorhomes

Class B motorhomes are a much more condensed version of a drivable RV. This type of motorhome is perfect for traveling out into nature and driving through highly trafficked areas. Consider Jayco’s 2022 Swift, which includes a kitchen, sofa (with an extended bed), wet bath, refrigerator, pantry, TV, overhead cabinets, and two additional seating areas.


Class B Motorhomes Checklist

  • For up to 2 people (maybe 3 if one is a small child)
  • Most maneuverable of the drivable RVs
  • Can go almost anywhere and fits in standard parking spaces
  • Easy to learn to drive


Class C Motorhomes

Class C motorhomes give you the comforts of Class A but with the more compact sizing of Class B. However, Class A RVs can be the same size as a Class C RVs and vice versa, depending on the model. To identify a Class C RV, look for the overhead area that juts out over the top of the cockpit. Check out our 2022 Redhawk SE as an example, which captures the cozy feeling of home while staying under 30 feet in length.


Class C Motorhomes Checklist

  • For 4-6 people
  • Not as difficult to drive as larger RV types
  • Great entry level RV 
  • Flexible for long-term and short-term trips

Class A Motorhomes

Class A motorhomes tend to be one of the largest RVs. They commonly feature a flat vehicle front with a panoramic windshield and a cockpit that connects directly into the living quarters. Their spacious interiors and multitude of amenities make long trips feel relaxed and less crowded. For example, we’ve outfitted our 2022 Precept Prestige with a king bed, washer and dryer, optional power theater seating and more.

Class A Motorhomes Checklist

  • For 4-9 people, depending on the size of people
  • Wide variety of luxurious amenity options 
  • Allows family members to spread out on long trips
  • May run on gas or diesel 

Travel Trailers

RVers love the flexible nature of travel trailers, in floorplans, amenities and price points. No matter the number of people in your traveling group, there’s likely a travel trailer that will meet all your needs. Our 2022 White Hawk comes with the usual amenities plus a fireplace, optional king bed setup and multiple dining area options.

Travel Trailers Checklist

  • Up to 10 people, truly depends on the floorplan
  • Wide range of size options
  • Can be hitched to a variety of towing vehicles
  • Versatility to meet any adventuring need

Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheels come in many different sizes, but they are generally considered a larger type of RV. Because of their size and weight, they require a different type of hitch mechanism that mounts in the bed of a truck. These RVs can be as comfortable as a home, with some models even having tri-level floorplans or private bedrooms. Check out our 2022 Eagle Fifth Wheels as an example, which has a fully closed-off master bedroom as well as a small loft area.

Fifth Wheels Checklist

  • Up to 10 people, truly depends on the floorplan
  • Can be towed with a half-ton or greater
  • Extra storage capacity compared to other types
  • Great for longer RV trips with ease of towing and handling

Toy Haulers

A toy hauler will either be a fifth wheel or a travel trailer, but they are their own RV type due to their toy garage. Toys like ATVs, snowmobiles, motorized bikes and dune buggies are just a few examples of what you could bring with you in a toy hauler. Our 2022 Seismic Luxury Series gives you your basic amenities as well as a generous cargo area that can also convert to a sitting/sleeping space.

Toy Haulers Checklist

  • For 4-7 people
  • Cargo space for hauling toys, such as ATVs
  • Versatile living space options
  • Can be hitched to a variety of towing vehicles

Choose Your Next RV Adventure with Jayco

Picking the right RV is no small task, but knowing all your options is a great place to start. Are you convinced a travel trailer is the perfect choice for your family? Or are you and your spouse leaning toward the campervan lifestyle? Whichever route you go, you can trust the Jayco brand. We love offering our Jayco family many different benefits, such as:

  • American-made Goodyear® Tires, with higher speed ratings and greater carrying capacities
  • Jayco 2+3 Warranty, covering you for 24 months or 24,000 miles
  • JAYCOMMAND™ Smart RV System, allowing you to monitor and control your RV from anywhere

If you’re ready to find a new kind of freedom with any of these RV types, connect with a Jayco dealer today.

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