What Type of RV Is the Easiest to Drive?

August 12, 2022

What Type of RV Is the Easiest to Drive?

What Type of RV Is the Easiest to Drive?

Many find that Class B motorhomes are generally considered the easiest small RV to drive. However, this certainly shouldn’t discourage new RVers from exploring other, larger options. It takes a little time and practice to get the hang of maneuvering bigger motorhomes and towable RVs, but the payoff of having a home away from home is worth it. 

If the thought of driving a recreational vehicle is still a bit intimidating to you, or you’re looking to try out something more spacious, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will take a look at some tips for driving any RV type, as well as some of the easiest RV types to drive, which can also be some of the best RVs for families.

6 RV Driving Tips

We believe that anyone can drive any type of RV, as long as they have the patience to learn and a valid driver’s license. Whether you’ve been asking “How hard is it to drive an RV for the first time?” or searching for “RV Class A driving tips,” our Jayco team has found the following six pointers to be helpful when learning to handle any RV.

  1. Slow down. It’s okay to drive a little slower than everyone else. Be mindful of your state’s laws regarding minimum speed limits and also look out for designated speed limits for larger vehicles. 
  2. Watch your right turns. Right turns for longer RVs can be much tighter than you might be used to. Keep a wide angle away from the corner and watch out for any drivers trying to pass you on the inside of your turn. 
  3. Be mindful of the weather. Strong winds can make the drivability of an RV much more difficult to handle. And if there is a snowstorm or icy conditions, it might be best to refrain from driving until the weather clears. 
  4. Complete a full check before driving off. Forgetting to put in an awning or disconnect a sewer hose might land you with a costly insurance claim. Create a routine for packing up your RV and ensuring everything is secure before moving on to your next destination. 
  5. Know your dimensions. The last thing you want on the road is to get your RV stuck somewhere because its dimensions are not suitable for the area. Some RVers write their RV dimensions on a sticky note and place the note on their dashboard for quick reference.
  6. Practice. As they say, practice makes perfect. Find a large, empty parking lot and practice any driving maneuvers you still feel uncomfortable with, such as that tricky right turn, parallel parking or backing up. 

These are just a few examples of how you can become an RV driving expert, allowing you to truly focus on your other travel and family needs.

What Type of Motorhome Is Easiest to Drive?

Class B motorhomes are considered the easiest to drive because they are essentially modified commercial vans. If you’ve driven a larger SUV or van, you’ll probably find that Class B RVs have similar handling. For example, take a look at one of our Class B motorhomes, the 2022 Swift:

Size can certainly vary, but on average Class B RVs tend to be around 20-feet long. This particular model is 20’11”. Note that its small size doesn’t mean giving up comfortable living amenities, as this specific model comes with:

  • A kitchen area that includes a 2-burner cooktop with a flush glass cover and convection microwave.
  • A solid-surface kitchen countertop with a pull-out extension.
  • Two twin-sized beds with adjustable headrests and a filler cushion to convert to a king-sized bed.
  • A 24" living area TV on a swivel bracket. 
  • An expandable table at the entry door with a safety grab handle.
  • A full wet bath with a bathroom wardrobe.

These are just a few examples of the ways a Class B RV can be luxurious but still compact and easy to drive. Many also find the smaller size appealing because it allows you to drive and park almost anywhere. For example, if you plan to explore national and state parks on your adventures, a Class B motorhome usually meets most park RV size restrictions

If you’re looking for a towable RV instead, but still want easier drivability, there are many smaller towables to choose from as well. Let’s take a look. 


What Is the Easiest RV to Tow?

Generally, the smaller and lighter the RV is, the easier it is to tow. But with the right manufacturing, there are larger models that feel just as easy to handle. This will all vary depending on:

  • Your prior experience
  • The tow vehicle you use
  • Road and driving conditions
  • The unit you choose to tow
  • Any safety or handling feature the towable may have 

Before you begin shopping for a towable RV, make sure you know your vehicle’s towing capacity. Using a tow calculator is one quick way to do this, as it can factor in things such as passenger and cargo weight.


Once you have a good idea of your towing capacity, you can begin your search. A great example of a travel trailer that’s easy to tow is the Jayco 2022 Jay Feather Micro, which is ideal for couples and small families who love getting outdoors for a genuine camping experience but may not enjoy sleeping on the ground. Its exterior length ranges from 13'4"-23'2'', depending on the floorplan. Here you can see the shortest Jay Feather Micro floorplan option (weighing 1,585 lbs) next to the longest (4,695 lbs):

Jayco RVs: The Easiest RVs to Drive

It’s easy to learn to drive any of our RVs because of the way we construct them. We pack a ton of extra value and standard features into our units that other manufacturers don’t, making your travels more fun and saving you time and money in the long run. What makes our motorhomes and towables so easy to drive?

  • Our motorhomes equipped with our JRide® Ride and Handling Package have an exclusive blend of precise handling and stability technology.
  • American-made Goodyear® Tires equip many of our models, providing higher speed ratings and greater carrying capacities.
  • The Jayco Wingmate™ App has plenty of quick-start videos, maintenance checklists, how-to tutorials and more for our towables and motorized RVs.
  • 5- and 4-Star Handling Packages for our towables combine the latest towing technologies and components to make hauling a travel trailer or fifth wheel feel smooth and stable.

If you’re ready for the ultimate traveling experience, contact a Jayco dealer today to try one out yourself!

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