46 Thought Starters and Tips for New RV Shoppers

August 4, 2020

46 Thought Starters and Tips for New RV Shoppers

As of June 2020, 46 million Americans said they planned to take an RV trip within the next 12 months. Think about all those other travelers who were still figuring out their plans! In other words, if you’re exploring RV travel, you aren’t alone. So, where to begin?

1. Where will you go and can the RV you’re considering comfortably go/park there?

2. Don’t overlook resale value when you buy. Not all RVs are built the same.

3. How much gear and food will you bring with you or buy on the road?

4. Make note of interior and exterior storage space in any RV you look at.

5. Don’t worry, if you have big toys like four wheelers or jet skis, or just a lot of gear--toy hauler RVs have large garage spaces built in.

6. How many people—and, of course, furry friends—will you travel with? Sleeping capacities are one of the most important RV specifications to consider.

7. Will you want to cook inside or outside (campfire included, of course) more?

8. Will you want to eat inside or outside more? Dinettes are a popular feature for those who like to eat inside, while automatic awnings help outside.

9. Among the first questions you should ask yourself if you’re considering a trailer: how much weight can your vehicle tow?

10. Some are surprised to find out that some motorhomes can tow other vehicles. Think about what you might tow and if your motorhome can handle it.

11. Weigh the pros and cons of renting vs. buying.

12. What type of campground suits you better? Public or private? Resort-style or rustic? Do they allow pets?

13. It’s always best to see an RV in person before buying.

14. Plan trips well in advance to secure the most beautiful campsites. Click here to read six other tips for trip planning in the age of COVID.

15. But, once you’re out there, you’re on your own schedule, so leave time in your itinerary for flexibility to explore or change plans on the fly.

16. Travel flexibility and freedom are among the most appealing parts of RVing.

17. The RV lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle—it’s science. A bit of time in nature is an effective way to reduce, or even eliminate, screen time (at least for a few days).

18. Winterizing isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

19. Talk to just about any RV family, they wish they had started sooner.

20. Kids grow up fast. RVing is a way to bring families together to make memories.

21. Rest stops on the road can be a lot more restful.

22. Driving a motorhome can be exhilarating—especially with Jayco’s exclusive JRide® packages.

23. Don’t underestimate the importance of the floorplan.

24. Don’t get distracted by a single feature or two. Stick to your priorities.

25. Compare manufacturers’ warranties. They say a lot about how well an RV is designed and built.

26. Regardless of if you tow or drive your motorhome, keep ride, handling, and stability on the road in mind.

27. Don’t underestimate the value of a strong roof.

28. If the option is there, take a test drive.

29. There’s also real value in things like the number of trips you can take in an RV, frequency of service and overall comfort; the characteristics of an RV that factor into those kinds of things often aren’t immediately apparent.

30. Where will you store your RV? There are all kinds of options, even for city dwellers.

31. It also pays to touch and feel key areas of an RV—drawers, showers and walls, for example-- to get a feel for quality and construction.

32. Can you WFTR—"work from the road,” that is?

33. Yes, you can have urban adventures in an RV too.

34. There’s an app for that. There are all kinds of handy RV-specific apps that help with things like navigating, finding places to park and planning.

35. RV shows can be a good way to see a lot of different RVs in one place.

36. Take your time when you pick up your new RV. It’s a great chance to learn about all the bells and whistles from your dealer.

37. Have some important items you know you’ll want to bring with you? See if they fit before you buy.

38. Most new RVs are equipped with Bluetooth® technology, multiple USB charging ports or HDMI connectivity, even app-based system and entertainment control, like the exclusive JayCOMMAND ™ Smart RV System.

39. Most campgrounds have WiFi available.

40. Will you be doing laundry on the road? Larger RVs are available with a washer and dryer.

41. Dealers run all kinds of final quality tests and inspections before you drive off with your new RV, so you may not leave with it the same day you sign the dotted line.

42. In most cases, Jayco included, the numbers in floorplan names refer to the approximate length of the RV and the letters stand for a distinctive floorplan feature.

43. Will you be taking weekend trips, longer hauls or some combination? This will affect which size and type RV is best, plus the features you’ll prefer.

44. A park model, or destination trailer, like the Jay Flight Bungalow, is designed for fewer tow trips and more long-term stays.

45. More and more RVs include prep for solar power for use as a supplemental power source.

46. Your local dealer is an invaluable resource.

Ready for the next step? Find your nearest Jayco dealer here and/or read the guide, 20 Things to Find out from Your RV Dealer.  

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