EcoAdvantage™: Protecting the Places we Go

Through smart sustainability efforts, we’re creating ways to build better RVs with less waste and more renewable resources. It’s a journey—we won’t get there overnight. We’ve been committed to generations of family fun for more than 50 years, and we know caring for the planet is one of the best ways to continue to make that possible.

Ambitious Goals, Impactful Results

We're proud that EcoAdvantage™ is one of the RV industry's most admired sustainability initiatives. As an industry leader, we know we have to continually set the bar high for ourselves and our practices.

Landfill-free efforts

By relocating recycling bins, diligently educating employees and working with suppliers to reduce packaging, we're working towards becoming landfill-free.

Reduced freshwater use

Through ongoing efforts, we continue to reduce freshwater use in our facilities. For example, we use recycled water in all quality control testing.

Sustainable materials

An ongoing commitment to work with partners that share these values has helped us find ways to reuse materials, improve packaging and source more sustainable components.

Less energy consumption

Through facility upgrades and modernized production processes, we are committed to using less energy in our plants. 

Raising awareness

We hope that by fostering dialogue and education, RV owners, suppliers and competitors will recognize the importance of these practices and the positive effects they can have on the environment.

Streamlined processes

We've standardized processes to reduce energy use, increase efficiency and limit production waste. 

Reduced product weights

We’ve committed ourselves to building lighter products for better fuel economy.

Making Your Next RV Trip More Green

We’re proud to build products for people who love and respect the great outdoors. Check out some of our favorite advice on caring for nature while you enjoy in your RV.

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